One World

Woman of the World, Mothers of the World,

i send you love and respect and hope you have time to read my blog. Please share the article everywhere and talk and thing about it.

Its time to send a massage in this world.. You must wake up. Its time for you to open your hard and soul with love. Love for everyone and everything. You are a part of the universe. You are a child of mother earth. You are a part of the stars.

Everything changes and we will start in a golden area, but we must change many things. The earth will dying, if we don´t stopping stuppind things.

Thing about what you do.. what you can do to help other persons, other animals and our nature. I hope this letter is not too late.

It is time to act NOW and not to close your eyes to the facts any more. How long do you want to wait? Mother earth is dying.

It’s not about losing 100,000 jobs in the auto industry or any other industry. It is about the lives of 7.6 billion people that they hold with their actions or NOT action in the hands. I love my life and would like to live it a little longer. But even more, I’m worried about my children, who I have born into this world. I do not want to lose it through a tsunami, flood, hurricane, earthquake or landslides or man-made disasters.

How can I protect her from this? How can YOU protect us and the people from it? The balance of nature is out of joint, the results of it can not be clearer. Nevertheless, the greed for money and power is still given precedence to the industry, instead of looking after the protection of nature, wildlife and people. There is a process going on that will soon be over, no matter what you do.
NOW radical actions must be done! It is no longer about reducing greenhouse gases, they have to be completely shut down worldwide. Why was nothing done or too little before? Please do NOT say that enough has been done. Yes, maybe – but not nearly enough!

You have the responsibility for the people in Germany and in the world, because the actions in Germany have an impact on the entire world. There were and there are alternatives, why were not and are not or too little used ?? You can not act with nature. Either we do something or we will go down. It’s that easy.

I urge you to care about the life of mankind and not to look at the number of potential unemployed and angry industrialists who are taking a few million dollars less. It’s about life and death on our planet NOW, for us and our children!
Do not close your eyes any longer – ONLY action can help us!

Mothers of the earth awake! Rise up and protect Mother Nature for us and our children. Make the world a better place and teach respect for nature.

There is a solution. I see this society in front of me. She is happy and free.
We can all live on earth if we act wisely and treat each other with love and respect.

How about a new world order of ecologism. I’ll be happy to write you my vision next time. But now it is time to awaken and act. I send you all my love and peace.

Best regards Daggi